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Charles Heller instructs for CCWs once a month at our Tucson store. The course is held typically mid-month once a month. The course is a total of 8 hours long, but broken up into two four-hour sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday. Payment for class is due at the time students sign up. Call 520-325-3346 to find out specific information!

Open course sessions available at our facility! Check out our company's training calendar at the bottom of our welcome page for details.

Further Firearms Training for Tucson, AZ

Kilo Sierra is a veteran owned company that brings a new dimension to firearms and medical training through focused, proven techniques that quickly meet or exceed our clients needs.

Established in 2007 as a security contracting company providing Emergency Medical Solutions in High Risk Environment, our focus is to provide Protective Security Details with team internal medical operators.

Now expanding on our medical background we established Kilo Sierra as an American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) training center. Kyle Ray Sauls, Lead Operator, has instructed everyone from local Boy Scouts here in Tucson AZ to security contractors overseas in Basic CPR to Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC.

With a new focus and passion for instruction, Kilo Sierra has established itself as a National Rifle Association and Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons training center. Utilizing 3 years as a Worldwide Personal Security Specialist, Kyle’s passion is with the NRA Personal Protection course.
Kilo Sierra has a new partnership with Pima County. Pima County Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range is our new Home! This multi-million dollar facility host an air conditioned classroom co-located with a private shooting bay.

Contact Kilo-Sierra at:

Kilo-Sierra, LLC
PO Box 15292
Tucson, AZ 85708

Firearms Training, Bakersfield and Palm Desert CA

Second Amendment Sports strongly encourages gun owners and cohabitants of firearm owners to seek professional hands on instruction in firearms maintenance, safety, marksmanship, and tactics. Our Bakersfield Training Division offers over 30 classes in self defense firearms training and precision marksmanship. In Palm Desert, our trainer is is focusing on 5 of our most popular classes. Stay tuned, though, because he will be adding to his curriculum! We invite you to look at our current schedule of classes, which is located at the bottom of our welcome page!

Training Division Course Descriptions

AR-15 Rifle Clinic, Bakesfield
The AR-15 Clinic includes a discussion on the history of the AR-15 rifle, accessories, ammunition selection, marksmanship, and proper zeroing of your AR-15. At the end of class, we will also learn to properly clean and maintain our AR-15s, so bring your cleaning gear!

Force On Force Scenario Training, Bakersfield
This course is for the serious student only!! Use what you have learned in Advanced Defensive Handgun I,II,and III,together with tactics. These realistic force - on - force cenarios will sharpen your most crucial tool--your brain.

Advanced Defensive Handgun Courses I,II,III, Bakersfield
These comprehensive handgun courses are our most popular to date. Come to class once a week, two hours per session and learn the modern technique of the pistol under the best of learning conditions. In our 12 week courses we are able to teach in a building block style. Learning new techniques in every class with the opportunity to practice during the week, which maximizes each students chance to be the best that he/she can be. If you are serious about your self defense or the defense of others, then these courses are for you!
***For those who have tight time constraints or are coming in from out of town, we also offer these courses in an intensive 3-day format in both our Palm Desert and Bakersfield store locations.

Basic Rifle, Bakersfield
An introductory course to teach students the fundamentals of basic safety, and marksmanship with their rifles. Any sights may be used, and most calibers are permitted in this course.

8-Hour CCW (Initial Course), Bakersfield
This course is mandatory for obtaining your first California Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit in California. Topics include firearm safety and marksmanship, statistical information, methodology for choosing a defensive handgun and caliber combinations, firearm liabilities (criminal and civil), and much more. This course includes written and shooting evaluations that meet all local and state training requirements. Upon successful completion, a certificate is issued, which the student presents to the Kern County Sheriff's Department. This certificate will be handed to the permits division, along with fee payments and other application documentation required to secure a license.

4-Hour CCW (Renewal Course), Bakersfield
This course certificate is mandatory for renewing your CCW. It presents you with a modern perspective not found in many other institutions. The course is roughly 2/3 lecture, 1/3 range time, and includes written and shooting evaluations.

CCW Tactics and Techniques (4hrs), Bakersfield
This course provides guidance on methods of concealed carry on the street, in the car, at home, in restaurants, restrooms, and other places you may be. Presentation of the firearm from concealed carry will also be discussed and practiced. Tactical methods will be presented to show how to avoid exposing your firearm in public, as well as techniques that can be utilized to safeguard innocent people's lives, if the need arises to use your firearm in crowded areas. This course is an important augmentation to the regualar CCW courses taken to obtain or renew a license.
Student needs include the handgun that will be carried, a holster, 50 rounds of ammunition, muff type ear protection, eye protection, and a notebook and pen.

Basic Handgun Course (3hrs), Bakersfield and Palm Desert
This is a great first course of professional instruction for either target shooting or defensive shooting. It has been designed for beginners who are looking to make their first steps toward a greater level of proficiency in both firearms safety and basic marksmanship with handguns. While the course is set for target or bulls-eye shooting, it will permit the student to develop quickly into an accomplished defensive shooter, because of development of solid marksmanship abilities.
Student needs include a handgun, holster, magazine or speedloader, 50 rounds of ammunitio, muff type ear protection, eye protection, and a notebook and pen.

This is a great first course of professional instruction for either target shooting or defensive shooting.

Tactics I (4hrs), Bakersfield
Learn the tactics associated with movement around your house or business. Home self defense myths exposed. Student will be involved with realistic scenarios.

Tactics II (4hrs), Bakersfield
A reinforcement of the tactics learned in the four hour Tactics Course, Tactics II has more and different challenging scenarios plus team work is part of this day. Prerequisite Tactics I.

Tactical Pistol (1 Day)
Combine our Advanced Defensive Handgun Courses with our enlightening Tactics course. This course includes live-fire exercises that will help you in worst-case scenarios. Prerequisite - Advanced Defensive Handgun I

Handgun Retention, Bakersfield (4hrs)
Skills needed to keep someone from taking your handgun away from you plus other associated skills.

Karate, Hand to Hand self defense, Bakersfield Fajukan Karate-DO
This is a twice a week (evening hours) year long continuing course with a youngsters' class from 6:00-6:45 p.m., and the adults' class begining at 7:00 p.m.. Learn and maintain skills needed, when a situation does not allow you to use a firearm.. Beginning students are accepted at any time throughout the year. Goju-Ryu Karate-DO is one of the four original Japanese karate-do styles. In addition to the development of the basics, moving basics, forms, self defense applications, and sparring, the course builds on individual character through the practice of traditions and protocols.
Taught by our Director, a Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) Goju-Ryu Karate-DO, and Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) Jujitsu.

O/C Spray and Kubotan, Bakersfield
In those several instances where a firearm can not be used or carried, alternative means are available to protect yourself. Two of these options, O/C spray and kubotan techniques, will be taught in this class.
O/C (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray is sometimes called pepper spray. This compound is used to cause prompt tearing, pain, respiratory problems, and even temporary blindness. This can be very effective in stopping an attack. Typically propelled from a small canister in personal defense situations, O/C spray offers an effective method to get out of harms way.
The kubotan is a cylindrical device about 5 1/2 inches in length, and it is a little over a half inch in diameter. Kubotans are usually attached to a keyring as a FOB or ornament. Many other objects such as a marker, flashlight, pen, etc., can serve in that role. While quite innocuous, this device can effectively immobilize an aggressor through application to any one of numerous pressure points on the body. Kubotan techniques are quite similar to those found in martial arts.

Lever Action Rifle, Bakersfield
This off site course revives interest in the lever action rifle. While the lever action was one of the first repeating firearms dating back over 130 years, it remains an important shooting tool. Their appllication --whether in rimfire or centerfire, is versatile: shooting include plinking, hunting, self defense. This course covers the following subjects: safety, proper "sighting in," ballistics unique to lever action cartridges, and how to operate these firearms.
This course is taught at our 80 acre offsite location, and it will provide a fun filled day, in addition to great training.

Precision Rifle Course I (2 Days), Bakersfield
This is a course designed for those who want to shoot up to the capability of their scoped long gun. The techniques learned will increase the capabilities of anyone interested in performance - from the law enforcement marksman to the hunter who is interested in that trophy animal. Marksmanship, shooting positions, ballistics, gear, optics, and many more topics will be lectured, discussed, and performed. Be prepared for two full days to include low-light shooting.

Practical/Tactical Rifle Course (1 Day), Bakersfield
This is an intensive field course geared toward the serious student, designed for the semiautomatic rifle or carbine. Marksmanship, shooting positions, calibers, loading, malfunctions, and low-light shooting will be just some of the lessons learned. This course is primarily designed for “iron sighted” rifles, but you may choose optics if you wish.

Hunting Rifle Course (1 Day, Bakersfield)
A one day course geared for the hunter - realistic targets, field positions and more!

Defensive Shotgun I (4hrs, Bakersfield and Palm Desert)
A course designed to give students a perspective or the use of the defensive shotgun. Topics include safety, modes of operation, discussion on ammunition selection, live fire, use in home defense, and more.

Defensive Shotgun II (1 Day), Bakersfield
More advanced defensive shotgun techniques for graduates of our Shotgun I course. Prerequisite - Defensive Shotgun I

Knife I (4hrs), Bakersfield
A 4-hour intro course in the self-defense use of the blade. Stance, presentation, countermoves, and more are taught in this course.

Knife II (4hrs), Bakersfield
Building on the techniques from the Knife I Course, Students will learn more techniques enabling them to become even more proficient with the blade. Prerequisite — KnifeI

Ladies Only Handgun I (3hrs), Bakersfield and Palm Desert
A defensive handgun should do three main things. Fit your hand, fit your lifestyle and come in a cartridge size suitable for self defense. Our Ladies only I course will help you make these decisions before you spend hundreds of dollars on some-thing that may not work for you!!!!

Upcoming Ladies Only Handgun II, III *

4 Month Tactical Rifle Course, Bakersfield
If you are serious about the use of the tactical rifle/carbine then this course is for you!! Now with the CA. legal AR-15 style rifles and other CA. compliant self loading rifles the opportunity is here for us now. Come to class once a month for 4 months and learn techniques from CQB out to 200 meters. Learn about shooting on the move, from and around vehicles, urban and rural settings, and much more.

PRIVATE LESSONS, Bakersfield and Palm Desert:
Individual and small groups
Private lesson benefits are:
Scheduling and tailored classes to specific needs


* Call the Second Amendment Sports for prices, dates, and times! 661-323-4512 in Bakersfield, or 760-200-GUNS (4867) in Palm Desert

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Rich Krug and and awesome archery bull

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