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No more fishing?

I say no more fishing? because I wonder how far the California Department of Fish and Game or any other state's departments of game and fish are going to continue to push this demand for indigenous species only? The Kern river has long been a sport fishing mecca, but with the no-stocking ban still in effect and possibly being extended for another two years, I can not believe what that will do to the fishery or the communities that are supported by that.

Fish & Game held a community meeting on Oct 13th at the Lake Isabella Senior Center and another last night Oct 28th at the Double Tree Hotel in Bakersfield seeking public comment. But as public comment goes....!

And I don't want to pick on other people's species of choices, but come on, why do we always have to be picking on the Rainbow Trout? And believe me, today it's trout, tomorrow it's some other specie!

The National Park Service is jumping in on the game by wanting to poison trout in some high country lakes and streams to save a native species of the yellow legged frog. They have already been doing this practice since 2001 in 11 lakes in two parks and like what they see. Now they want to broaden (up to 80 lakes!) the scope of their operations.

Fish planting started decades ago in otherwise fishless lakes in the Sequoia and Sierra's to increase fishing opportunities. Planting in these areas were stopped by the 80's. And now we want to reverse the hard work for fishing opportunities during a time when communities are trying to boost their economies? I think our State and Federal agencies need to wake up and smell the coffee! They work for us. They need to change their management practices to include what we want, not what their college professor or the loudmouth liberal preservation societies want. Now instead of spending good money on growing opportunities to enjoy our states resources in fish & game, we blow it on studies of this and that and perpetuate the existence of these idiot biologists that have never worked a day in their lives in a real job. We spent our money to build these resources in excise taxes on the product we purchased for years. We spent our money to build hatcheries and grow our resources. Now we just want to poison everything or not replenish what we have and throw that all away?


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