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Keith Foster - General Manager, Bakersfield

Keith Foster started working for Second Amendment Sports in 2000. Although he hunts hogs and exotics from time to time, his passion is martial arts –especially techniques that implement edged weapons. Keith’s 20 years of martial arts studies include concentration in Japanese and Filipino edged weapons training, giving him practical working knowledge of knives, cutting techniques, and knife maintenance. While people may only dream of being able to mesh their sports with their professions, Keith made it a reality. He has 16 years of retail experience in cutlery, and of those 16, he was the manager of two cutlery stores for 13 years. For the last 10 years, Keith has crafted his own knives part time, and now has his own line, Oni Knives. He has also trained with our Training Division, in his Advanced Defensive Hangun classes, to round out the whole of martial arts training. Keith brings to SAS a multidisciplinary background comprised of his management skills and his practical experiences.

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